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Project by Equinox | The Climb Review

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Project by Equinox has had a lot of buzz since it opened last year. Known as a “think tank for fitness,” Project has instructors audition for a teaching spot and demonstrate that they have the entrepreneurial and training chops to execute their ideas. The current roster offers a variety of dance-based, cardio, strength, and yoga classes. Adam Sanford’s The Climb falls into the HIIT/strength category and left me wishing I could make it one of my regulars.

Project By Equinox Grades


Project by Equinox’s write-up of The Climb describes it as “pyramid training perfected.” While I wouldn’t describe anything as perfect, this take on pyramid training was definitely innovative. After starting the class with a dynamic squat warm-up and a mini pyramid, we worked on our two major pyramids, focusing on upper and lower body respectively. The pyramids were composed of movements done for intervals of 20-30-40-40-30-20 (seconds). The first half of each pyramid was a cardio section, while the second was a strength section and offered us a chance to get our heart rates down.

The cardio section featured movements like plank jacks with push-ups, broad jumps with walkouts, and high knees followed by squat jumps. During the course of a pyramid, we never rested. Instead, we held an active rest movement — a squat during the first one and a plank during the second.

Although I’ve done Equinox’s Firestarter countless times, I had never taken a class with this kind of split strength/ cardio pyramid and no rest. For the first time since taking OrangeTheory, my heart rate was in the red zone for five full minutes — meaning that I was working really, really hard. The class left me drenched in sweat and fully spent. But since it didn’t require any complex equipment or crazy choreography, I could easily see it being replicated in a studio setting.


Both times I’ve been to Project by Equinox, the classes were around five students, including employees. Adam took advantage of the small class size and provided helpful individual instruction.


This class was really tough. The lack of rest during the course of a pyramid ensures that students work all the time. And that’s what Project by Equinox students want to do — it’s a particular kind of fitness adventurer who chooses to try the classes here.


One of the aspects of Project by Equinox that most articles have pointed out is the unique space.

The future of fitness

Definitely sets the tone

The studio boasts a lounge with free cold brew, a nice perk. The studio is fully equipped for any type of class, and a lot of the equipment is custom-made. The reason they lose points? Although they have an ample array of Drybar products, there’s no real shower. After the sweat I broke today, I can confirm that I would not be able to come here before work without being hated by everyone in the office.

The Project by Equinox lounge

Cold brew on tap


Project by Equinox has a cool space with interesting and innovative classes. If you live in the Soho area or go to a class that isn’t too sweat-inducing, I highly recommend stopping by here and trying out at least one of the classes. Maybe your next one will be the workout that everyone else is talking about next year.

Today's group at The Climb

Today’s class – mission accomplished.



  • Equinox students get a small discount on classes here, and you can book through the app (although integration can certainly be better).
  • If you’re an Equinox member, you can shower down the street at the Soho location.

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