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Equinox Trilogy Barre Review

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Trilogy Barre is a difficult review for me to write — primarily because I don’t go to a lot of Barre classes. And there’s a reason for that — I usually hate Barre. Barre classes tend to be a terrible combination of difficult and boring. Students pulse tiny muscles for what feels like hours, and it hurts, but there’s no sweat included.

While I’ve never taken Equinox’s True Barre,  Trilogy Barre came in and broke the mold for me (UPDATE: As of March 3, 2018, this is no longer true, I have now taken it). The class incorporates resistance bands, which are used on three different barre heights (hence, trilogy). Movements are done for two rounds, and there are no more than ten reps of each move. Which means, no boredom!


My grading system is from 1-10, with 1 being either the worst and 10 being either the best. For difficulty level, my assessment is subjective. For class size, small is less than 10 students, medium is 10-25, and large is more than 25.

QUALITY OF trilogy barre WORKOUT: 8

This is the first Barre class I’ve ever taken that’s made me break a sweat. And I’ve tried several…Pure Barre, Physique 57, Barre Burn at Equinox, and numerous others.

The major difference between this class and other Barre classes is the variation. The moves are constantly changing, and it doesn’t feel like you’re stuck in this cycle of painful moves forever. You know how in some Barre classes, your body shakes from the endurance? This only happened to me once in Trilogy Barre, when we were doing tricep dips. Otherwise, no shaking.

The resistance bands were used on both our hands in our feet. Unlike the bands that we use in circuit training, this band was more of a sash that you would literally wrap around one hand or one foot or grab with both hands. The resistance was determined by how far you stood away from the Barre, making the class somewhat easily modifiable. Some of the moves resemble those that you’d see in conventional strength training routines, such as flies and rows, as well as Barre push-ups and those aforementioned tricep dips. However, unlike conventional strength training, there was a lot more kicking in the air.

Trilogy barre

Never been this sweaty after a barre class before


Barre classes at Equinox are kept pretty small, since they’re held in a separate studio. This class was at its fullest, and there were no more than 12 students.

QUALITY OF INSTRUCTOR (lori celeste): 8.5

Lori was a really solid, upbeat instructor and provided exactly the energy I needed to get through a later evening workout. She provided a lot of individualized attention and was particularly aware of our form and strap placement. I was very happy to see this, as an inexperienced Barre-goer.

What I didn’t like about this class may have had more to do with the studio than with Lori herself – but it was difficult to hear her clearly sometimes. I’m not sure if the issue was with her enunciation, or if the mic was just too close to her mouth. I also wish that she had demonstrated the moves consistently in the center of the room (or as close to the center as possible), since the placement of the pillars can make it difficult to see from certain spots. That said, Lori explained the movements very well, and I never felt like I was extremely behind.


I can’t speak for serious barre-goers. For me, I definitely felt like I got a workout. I felt the moves in muscles that I don’t usually address in my normal circuit training routine, which made me feel like I need to be doing this a lot more.


I know — I’ve reviewed Equinox E. 92nd St. before and given it a 10. And I stand by that with respect to the regular studio, gym equipment, and locker room. However, the Barre room could definitely have been set up better so that the pillars didn’t occupy what could’ve been 3-4 spots for wannabe students. There are two giant pillars in the room, which make it difficult to see the entirety of the room in certain spots.

  • Get a spot at one of the side walls — you’ll be able to see much better.




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