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This is my review of Cardio Kick at Equinox E. 85th St.


quality of workout: 4

Cardio Kick is a kickboxing class consisting of various of routines of punches and kicks, with weights optional. I found it to be completely uninspired. Unlike The Cut, there was no real dance component, or even any real cardio. We were just punching and kicking in the air. In between routines, we did mat workouts such as crunches and push-ups.

size of class: 8

This was a small class, but to the point that it was a bit depressing. The room had no spirit, and I was happy to run out of there when the workout was done.

quality of instructor: 2.5

I’m intentionally not providing the instructor’s name, because he was a last-minute substitute for the class and he might’ve been having a bad day. But wow – I was not impressed. The instructor walked in about a minute before class was set to start and didn’t even ask about any injuries or pregnancies or if anyone was new. He wasn’t low energy, but I don’t think I saw him smile once. He spent most of the class with the same two girls. I don’t know if he knew them from before or just found them attractive or something else entirely, but it was extremely inappropriate.

Unlike any instructor I’ve had for The Cut, he didn’t do an initial demonstration of the various punches and kicks that would be used. Given how many students in the class were taking it for the first time, that may have been helpful. Overall, he came across as extremely rude, and I barely felt like I got a workout at the end of the class.

difficulty level: 4

The hardest part of this class is coordination. If you’re not accustomed to kickboxing classes, it can be difficult to put the routines together. Otherwise, the class is low-impact (no jumping) and doesn’t have any intense strength or cardiovascular component.

studio quality: 5

Equinox E. 85th St. is one of my least favorite locations. In general, the classes I’ve been to here haven’t been nearly as good as the ones on E. 92nd, E. 53rd, or any of my other regularly frequented locations. I wonder why that is – maybe the group fitness manager? Maybe it’s random? I don’t know.

This location also doesn’t have locks on the lockers in the changing rooms, which is off-putting. I believe that they’re undergoing renovations at the moment, so maybe there will be improvements in the coming months.

  • Honestly, don’t waste your time with this one (unless the regular instructor is significantly better – I don’t know). If you want to try kickboxing, go to The Cut.

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