My (accidental) foray into CrossFit at Urban Athletic Club

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Just a note here — I’m not going to use my typical grading system to review this studio. Since CrossFit is so outside of my comfort zone, I feel like there’s no way I could really provide a fair evaluation. That said, I do have some feedback for Urban Athletic Club, as you’ll see below.

so, how does someone “accidentally” go to crossfit?

Earlier this week, I went on a business trip to Washington, D.C. I’ve made the trip out a few times since starting at the firm, and I’ve typically worked out in the hotel gym. This time, I thought I’d do something different. I researched free first classes at studios near-ish my office, and I found one called Urban Athletic Club that advertised functional training. Eager to book and rushed between projects, I signed up for a 7am class — without really looking at what I was signing up for.

Two weeks later, I woke up in my hotel room at 5:45am to the alarm I’d set the night before. I look at my account on MindBody and do a double take. The class I was registered for was CrossFit — and the only way to back out would be a late cancellation. Already awake, with no desire to pay a penalty and suck it up in the hotel gym, I decided to bite the bullet.