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True Athlete Review | Equinox

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Equinox’s signature classes tend to have a few features in common. They always offer a solid workout that offers a similar but distinct difference to boutique studios. For example, The Muse is kind of a play on a dance class, but with weights and routines that even klutzes like me can follow. And the sessions tend to include some type of mobility training in addition to strength and cardio. True Athlete is no exception. Released in May 2018, the class uses RMT® clubs (essentially giant maracas) and bosu balls to challenge students’ stability and flexibility while breaking out a sweat.

Before brave body project

Brave Body Project Review

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Solace NYC is mostly known for its intense Body classes. If you follow any fitness trainers on Instagram, they will probably have at least one photo featuring Solace’s signature oak walls and ring rows. They will probably be hanging from some crazy contraption or doing a backflip over another person or some other feat of physicality that I will never be able to do. However, in addition to these death-defying workouts, Solace has also started offering a biweekly class called the Brave Body Project. They are in-person versions of popular workout videos that can be done with little or no equipment. Although I have never done the videos, I can tell you that if they’re anything like the in-person version, you’ll definitely feel the burn.

Side-bending in Pilates Power

Equinox | Pilates Power Class Review

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I am one of those people who has always been a little scared of Pilates. My first time taking it was at YogaWorks, around five years ago, when I had been practicing yoga around 4-5 times a week. As I quickly learned, Pilates was a whole other workout. I barely made it through the class and vowed to never return. When I first joined Equinox, the result of my first Pilates class was similar. Despite a year of consistent boot camp attendance, my core was too weak to do very much. So this time around, when I decided to give it one last try, I definitely felt some anxiety. Fortunately, as a testament to Equinox, I have become substantially strong enough after over a year of attending classes 5-6 times per week. Pilates Power was not only doable, but even…fun?

Equinox | TRX Max with Gerren Liles | Review

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Wednesday is usually my rest day, and often the only one I’ll take all week. But with Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow and some poor eating decisions since my wedding, I decided to set the alarm for 5:30 am and brave the rain to get to Equinox East 53rd St. for TRX Max. After an hour (20 minutes of which was spent with some extra caffeine), I didn’t regret it. TRX Max is a heart-pounding, sweat-inducing workout that will get you deceptively sore after only approximately 24 minutes of work.

Equinox | Ultimate Workout Review

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There are only three things that can get me to miss my Tuesday morning Playground Experience — being out of the state; having an early morning meeting; or, my least favorite of all, missing the first hour of the booking period and being stuck at the bottom of the waitlist. When I remember to sign up at 8 am on Monday morning, I ended up at #11. For a 24 person class, this is not where you want to be. Knowing that I likely wouldn’t get into the class, I decided to try another workout around the same time — which is how I came across the new Ultimate Workout class at Equinox E. 53rd St.