Fhitting Room Flatiron Review

I have to hand it to Fhitting Room…they have some of the best client service that I’ve seen from a fitness studio. In my last review of the studio’s 67th street location, I wrote that I enjoyed the class but was underwhelmed. Two of my complaints were the lack of showers and the size of the class, which is not the “personalized” experience that the studio sells on its website. Shortly afterwards, a member of their business development team got in touch with me and offered me a free “Pit” class, which is capped at ten students, at their Flatiron location, which does (thankfully!) have wonderful bathing facilities. While I still maintain that $38 per class is expensive, the Pit class convinced me that it may sometimes be worth paying the price. And if you’re a ClassPass member? Run — don’t walk.

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