Getting Active with Aaptiv | Fitness Classes in an App


From Live Classes to Aaptiv

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my initial fitness journey started with a new job. After almost two years of four-hour round trips to and from work, I was thrilled to start working in an office only a few subway stops from my apartment. Losing the long commute gave me new flexibility and allowed me to build a fitness routine that was largely based on attending classes, first at Evolve Fitness and subsequently at Equinox. And, for a while, this worked for me! I lost over 30 pounds and gained a love for working out. So why did I move over to Aaptiv?

With another new job, beginning this past February, began another adjustment period. With two Equinox locations within five blocks of my office, I started working out during lunchtime. Once I became more mindful of the time I was spending on my workouts, I realized that many group fitness classes only involve 25 minutes of work, even though 45 minutes are allotted. With only a strict 60 minutes to exercise, and armed with a fitness tracker for the first time, I realized that I would get more bang for my buck if I worked out on my own than if I attended classes.