Brick studio

Brick Review | New York Grand Central

Brick New York first came to my attention because of coffee. Specifically, caveman or bulletproof coffee. You see, I work in Midtown East, which is developing a better healthy food scene but is still somewhat of a wasteland. Even the closest hot matcha is several blocks away from my office.

So I was aimlessly searching to see where I could find a good bulletproof coffee (made with butter and MCT oil) — and that’s how I found Caveman Coffee, located inside of Brick New York’s newest location.

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Equinox | Tabata Class Review

Tabata was the first class I ever took at Equinox. I had been looking to vary up my routine from the boot camp I had been attending, and Tabata seemed like a good option. It’s the purest form of HIIT, and there was a class conveniently located at 7:30 am down the street from my office. After those first 45 minutes, I was hooked — I knew that an Equinox membership was in my future.

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Trilogy barre

Equinox Trilogy Barre Review

Trilogy Barre is a difficult review for me to write — primarily because I don’t go to a lot of Barre classes. And there’s a reason for that — I usually hate Barre. Barre classes tend to be a terrible combination of difficult and boring. Students pulse tiny muscles for what feels like hours, and it hurts, but there’s no sweat included.

While I’ve never taken Equinox’s True Barre,  Trilogy Barre came in and broke the mold for me (UPDATE: As of March 3, 2018, this is no longer true, I have now taken it). The class incorporates resistance bands, which are used on three different barre heights (hence, trilogy). Movements are done for two rounds, and there are no more than ten reps of each move. Which means, no boredom!

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Whipped equipment

Equinox | Whipped with Gerren | Class Review

Whipped today took place at 12:30pm at Equinox E. 53rd. This is not the usual time during which I take classes. However, people have different forms of therapy. For some people, eating is a way to deal with stress. That used to be the case for me — which is why I gained thirty pounds in two months at my last job. After a year and a half of frequent workouts, fitness has finally become that stress relief for me.

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