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Equinox Soho — Spotlight!


One of Equinox’s best offerings is the All Access membership, which allows members to go to any location (except for Equinox Sports Clubs and other premium locations) for $240/month in New York City. While this might not sound like a bargain to gym-goers, it is if you’re a boutique fitness junkie. Even monthly arrangements at studios like Fhitting Room or Tone House can cost upwards of $400 per month, and they often only offer one type of workout. For fitness generalists like me, who like to do a combination of yoga, barre, and circuit training but with consistency, Equinox is a great deal. Through All Access, I’ve had the opportunity to visit locations all over Manhattan. And I have to say – Equinox Soho is one of the best ones.

Switch Playground Review | Can You Handle It?

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Switch Playground is one of the buzziest workouts in New York right now, and for good reason. The format is genuinely innovative and truly works students to their absolute maximum potential. Because of the high ratio of coach to students, the workout minimizes “dead time,” when students wait for explanations or move from station to station. If you want an effective, full-body workout that’ll leave you sore for days, definitely give this one a try.