Equinox | TRX Max with Gerren Liles | Review

Wednesday is usually my rest day, and often the only one I’ll take all week. But with Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow and some poor eating decisions since my wedding, I decided to set the alarm for 5:30 am and brave the rain to get to Equinox East 53rd St. for TRX Max. After an hour (20 minutes of which was spent with some extra caffeine), I didn’t regret it. TRX Max is a heart-pounding, sweat-inducing workout that will get you deceptively sore after only approximately 24 minutes of work.

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Whipped equipment

Equinox | Whipped with Gerren | Class Review

Whipped today took place at 12:30pm at Equinox E. 53rd. This is not the usual time during which I take classes. However, people have different forms of therapy. For some people, eating is a way to deal with stress. That used to be the case for me — which is why I gained thirty pounds in two months at my last job. After a year and a half of frequent workouts, fitness has finally become that stress relief for me.

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