Balance.Yoga.Barre studio

Balance.Yoga.Barre | Hot Vinyasa Review

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Sometimes it seems like a new fitness studio opens in New York every week — or at least every month. In February, Balance.Yoga.Barre, a hot yoga and barre studio hailing from Oklahoma, made its New York City debut. Offering a free first class, this yoga studio has also been spreading the word by providing deals on Groupon and Gilt City. Since I never say no to a free class, I decided to give them a try. While a nice change from my normal Equinox routine, I feel that Balance.Yoga.Barre may still have a few kinks to work out.

Orangetheory Fitness Review

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Orangetheory has been exploding across New York City and the country more broadly — two studios are opening within blocks of each other in Midtown (at Bryant Park and East 39th Street). There are studios all over the U.S. now, including Hawaii and North Dakota. Now that’s a wide reach. So when I went on my bi-monthly (sort of) trip to DC this week, I decided to give this immensely popular workout a chance and see what the buzz was about. And let me assure you — I wasn’t disappointed.