Epic Hybrid Training Review

The week between Christmas and New Years is always a bit of a twilight zone for those of us who don’t take off from work. So many of our colleagues are on vacation, which can make it hard for those of us who are actually in the office to focus. This year, I decided to start my New Years resolution a week early and find more time during the day to get moving. Armed with my new FitBit Charge 2 (which I’m obsessed with), I leveraged Epic Hybrid Training’s $29 for one week introductory deal and did three lunchtime classes in a row. What I learned? If you live near their NYC locations in Bryant Park or East 54th Street and want to get in serious shape, this small studio may be just the right fit for you.

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Everybody Fights | Trainx360 | Review

In the last year or so, boxing has started to take over the New York City workout scene, with studios like Rumble, Work Train Fight, and Everybody Fights expanding all over Manhattan. While I’ve been wanting to try a class, I’ve been a little bit apprehensive. Although I love working out, I’m not exactly known for my coordination, and I was concerned as to how I’d manage complex punching choreography.

Thankfully, Everybody Fights offers comprehensive circuit training (which does include boxing!) in addition to its fight classes, providing a good entry point for us non-boxers. The midtown location’s urban chic vibe and fully stocked locker rooms give us a reason to come back and learn how to box.

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Fhitting Room | Penthouse 67th Street | Review

Going into Fhitting Room, I didn’t have many expectations. Reading a lot of fitness publications, I constantly hear about new studios with all of these fun themes and methods (I’m looking at you, Switch Playground and  Tone House).  Fhitting Room had become one of those names that I heard frequently tossed around, but I didn’t know anything about them, apart from their cool logo. When one of my readers reached out to me about studios she goes to in the city, she specifically called Fhitting Room out — and I knew I had to try it.

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Brick studio

Brick Review | New York Grand Central

Brick New York first came to my attention because of coffee. Specifically, caveman or bulletproof coffee. You see, I work in Midtown East, which is developing a better healthy food scene but is still somewhat of a wasteland. Even the closest hot matcha is several blocks away from my office.

So I was aimlessly searching to see where I could find a good bulletproof coffee (made with butter and MCT oil) — and that’s how I found Caveman Coffee, located inside of Brick New York’s newest location.

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