Not your typical yoga studio.

Phorm Sculpt Review | Is It Pilates?

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Another week, another new fitness studio. Phorm, offering its own brand of Pilates and Yoga, opened in January near Times Square and Bryant Park. Since it’s only a five-minute walk from my new office, how could I not give it a try? Although Phorm’s space itself was far from my favorite, I got one of the best core conditioning workouts of my life.

305 Fitness Review | Not Only For Dancers!

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It’s 7:30 am, the sun only just beginning to come out on a winter Friday. The room is lit up in pink, with the DJ pumping beats in the corner, the wall next to her covered in pictures of sensual lips. This doesn’t describe my latest night out (lol this geriatric hasn’t done those in years), but the class I took at 305 Fitness in Midtown East. Not exactly known for my dancing skills (and actually somewhat known for the opposite), I was a little nervous to take this class. Although I’d heard that it was a lot of fun, I was self-conscious about my lack of ability to sway my hips in any direction whatsoever. So I picked a spot in the back corner, thinking that it would be a safe spot. Little did I know…

Fhitting Room | Penthouse 67th Street | Review

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Going into Fhitting Room, I didn’t have many expectations. Reading a lot of fitness publications, I constantly hear about new studios with all of these fun themes and methods (I’m looking at you, Switch Playground and  Tone House).  Fhitting Room had become one of those names that I heard frequently tossed around, but I didn’t know anything about them, apart from their cool logo. When one of my readers reached out to me about studios she goes to in the city, she specifically called Fhitting Room out — and I knew I had to try it.

Equinox | Hot Athletic Yoga Review

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Which positions come to mind when you think of vinyasa yoga? Probably a downward dog or a child’s pose, right? Or there’s always my favorite, savasana.

Hot Athletic Yoga Savasana

Studies say it’s as good as a nap!

We worked on all of the above positions in my Hot Athletic Yoga class. But this class differentiates itself by introducing exactly the moves you don’t think of when you’re asked about your yoga practice – namely, burpees, push-ups, and mountain climbers. Hot Athletic Yoga is a hybrid conditioning-yoga class; and while you’ll feel the stretch, you’ll also feel the burn.