EvolveFitnessNYC Spotlight – Progress, Not Perfection

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One of the biggest myths that the weight loss industry propagates is that fitness has a start and an end. It’s similar to the fairy tale fallacy as it applies to romance. In that case, the implication is that a damsel in distress starts out single, finds love, and then lives happily ever after. With weight loss, the typical narrative is that an individual begins as overweight or out of shape, does whatever s/he needs to do to reach his/her “goal”….and then what?

With both fitness and love, there is no “happily ever after.” You don’t suddenly reach a goal and then stop working and maintain forever with no effort. Being in shape and healthy is a lifelong process – there is no end date.

The perspective of fitness as a constant, ongoing process is why Evolve is such an appropriate name for a studio. Unlike any other fitness studio I’d ever tried in New York, EvolveFitnessNYC specializes in working with true beginners with little to no fitness experience and helping them “evolve” into fit and healthy individuals who enjoy and can sustain their journey to health.