Equinox | Pure Strength with Chris Norvell

class reviews

Pure Strength is structured exactly how it’s titled — this class is entirely a strength workout, where you lift heavy things for only a few reps at a time. I took the class at E. 53rd St. this morning with Chris Norvell, but I’ve also taken the class at E. 74th with Andrew Slane and at E. 92nd with Josh Vela and with Eric Cobb.

Equinox | Playground Experience Review

class reviews

If you’re a normal person, the word “playground” probably evokes feelings of fun and childhood freedom. But if you’re anything like me, the word can bring up feelings of dread and memories of being the last one picked for sports teams in school. As a kid, I was the six-year-old reading a book alone while the rest of her peers played jump rope.

When I saw a class called “The Playground Experience” on the Equinox schedule back when I first signed up in December, I wanted to reclaim the word for myself. The process of learning how to work out over the course of the prior year had shown me that just because I wasn’t a “natural athlete” didn’t mean that I couldn’t be fit or athletic. And boy, was I in for a treat.