Side-bending in Pilates Power

Equinox | The Muse Class Review

class reviews

Across cities in the United States, January has become synonymous with fitness. Whether it’s beginning a new workout regime or starting a diet, people love to create a new start on the first day of a new year. Appropriately, Equinox releases a new signature class in January every year. In 2018, this class is called The Muse, a fusion between barre and cardio that will definitely make you break a sweat.

305 Fitness Review | Not Only For Dancers!

class reviews

It’s 7:30 am, the sun only just beginning to come out on a winter Friday. The room is lit up in pink, with the DJ pumping beats in the corner, the wall next to her covered in pictures of sensual lips. This doesn’t describe my latest night out (lol this geriatric hasn’t done those in years), but the class I took at 305 Fitness in Midtown East. Not exactly known for my dancing skills (and actually somewhat known for the opposite), I was a little nervous to take this class. Although I’d heard that it was a lot of fun, I was self-conscious about my lack of ability to sway my hips in any direction whatsoever. So I picked a spot in the back corner, thinking that it would be a safe spot. Little did I know…