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Solace CrossFit has been on my radar for a while. A CrossFit box with additional offerings in yoga, sculpting, and conditioning, the studio also has a prolific following on Instagram, with over 14,000 followers. Its social media constantly features happy groups of fitness trainers (or people who look like them) looking incredible while lifting absurdly heavy weights or happily take group photos. For me, this type of content is downright aspirational (and inspirational). So when I had the chance to try out a free class, of course, I jumped on it. Given a number of choices, I went for Body, which looked like it would be a balanced combination of strength and conditioning.

My (accidental) foray into CrossFit at Urban Athletic Club

class reviews

Just a note here — I’m not going to use my typical grading system to review this studio. Since CrossFit is so outside of my comfort zone, I feel like there’s no way I could really provide a fair evaluation. That said, I do have some feedback for Urban Athletic Club, as you’ll see below.

so, how does someone “accidentally” go to crossfit?

Earlier this week, I went on a business trip to Washington, D.C. I’ve made the trip out a few times since starting at the firm, and I’ve typically worked out in the hotel gym. This time, I thought I’d do something different. I researched free first classes at studios near-ish my office, and I found one called Urban Athletic Club that advertised functional training. Eager to book and rushed between projects, I signed up for a 7am class — without really looking at what I was signing up for.

Two weeks later, I woke up in my hotel room at 5:45am to the alarm I’d set the night before. I look at my account on MindBody and do a double take. The class I was registered for was CrossFit — and the only way to back out would be a late cancellation. Already awake, with no desire to pay a penalty and suck it up in the hotel gym, I decided to bite the bullet.

Brick studio

Brick Review | New York Grand Central

class reviews

Brick New York first came to my attention because of coffee. Specifically, caveman or bulletproof coffee. You see, I work in Midtown East, which is developing a better healthy food scene but is still somewhat of a wasteland. Even the closest hot matcha is several blocks away from my office.

So I was aimlessly searching to see where I could find a good bulletproof coffee (made with butter and MCT oil) — and that’s how I found Caveman Coffee, located inside of Brick New York’s newest location.