Side-bending in Pilates Power

Equinox | Pilates Power Class Review

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I am one of those people who has always been a little scared of Pilates. My first time taking it was at YogaWorks, around five years ago, when I had been practicing yoga around 4-5 times a week. As I quickly learned, Pilates was a whole other workout. I barely made it through the class and vowed to never return. When I first joined Equinox, the result of my first Pilates class was similar. Despite a year of consistent boot camp attendance, my core was too weak to do very much. So this time around, when I decided to give it one last try, I definitely felt some anxiety. Fortunately, as a testament to Equinox, I have become substantially strong enough after over a year of attending classes 5-6 times per week. Pilates Power was not only doable, but even…fun?

305 Fitness Review | Not Only For Dancers!

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It’s 7:30 am, the sun only just beginning to come out on a winter Friday. The room is lit up in pink, with the DJ pumping beats in the corner, the wall next to her covered in pictures of sensual lips. This doesn’t describe my latest night out (lol this geriatric hasn’t done those in years), but the class I took at 305 Fitness in Midtown East. Not exactly known for my dancing skills (and actually somewhat known for the opposite), I was a little nervous to take this class. Although I’d heard that it was a lot of fun, I was self-conscious about my lack of ability to sway my hips in any direction whatsoever. So I picked a spot in the back corner, thinking that it would be a safe spot. Little did I know…

Orangetheory Fitness Review

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Orangetheory has been exploding across New York City and the country more broadly — two studios are opening within blocks of each other in Midtown (at Bryant Park and East 39th Street). There are studios all over the U.S. now, including Hawaii and North Dakota. Now that’s a wide reach. So when I went on my bi-monthly (sort of) trip to DC this week, I decided to give this immensely popular workout a chance and see what the buzz was about. And let me assure you — I wasn’t disappointed.

Everybody Fights | Trainx360 | Review

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In the last year or so, boxing has started to take over the New York City workout scene, with studios like Rumble, Work Train Fight, and Everybody Fights expanding all over Manhattan. While I’ve been wanting to try a class, I’ve been a little bit apprehensive. Although I love working out, I’m not exactly known for my coordination, and I was concerned as to how I’d manage complex punching choreography.

Thankfully, Everybody Fights offers comprehensive circuit training (which does include boxing!) in addition to its fight classes, providing a good entry point for us non-boxers. The midtown location’s urban chic vibe and fully stocked locker rooms give us a reason to come back and learn how to box.

Fhitting Room Flatiron Review

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I have to hand it to Fhitting Room…they have some of the best client service that I’ve seen from a fitness studio. In my last review of the studio’s 67th street location, I wrote that I enjoyed the class but was underwhelmed. Two of my complaints were the lack of showers and the size of the class, which is not the “personalized” experience that the studio sells on its website. Shortly afterwards, a member of their business development team got in touch with me and offered me a free “Pit” class, which is capped at ten students, at their Flatiron location, which does (thankfully!) have wonderful bathing facilities. While I still maintain that $38 per class is expensive, the Pit class convinced me that it may sometimes be worth paying the price. And if you’re a ClassPass member? Run — don’t walk.