Who I Am

I’m not trying to write a diet or weight loss blog. If you’re a regular reader, you won’t hear too much about my “journey.” I’m seeking to do two things here, both in the interest of sharing my love for fitness and healthy eating:

  • Review every fitness class I go to in Manhattan — and that’s a lot of classes. I’ve been taking studio classes around the city for years now, so why not share my point of view on the subject? I particularly enjoy all forms of HIIT, strength training, and yoga.
  • Share recipes that are paleo-, keto-, and Whole 30-friendly. I think that knowing how to cook is the key to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. If I can help even one person learn recipes to get them through the week, I’m doing my job correctly.

About me

I’m a twenty-something marketing and business development professional living and working in Manhattan. As a teenager and young adult, I was always chubby, except for the brief spans of time when I’d starve myself. Growing up in an upper middle class community on Long Island, that was what you did. After working an intense schedule at a hedge fund for almost a year and ballooning to a weight I’d never seen on the scale before, I realized that it was time for a change. Alongside my now-husband, I began working out consistently and keeping a paleo-style diet. Slowly but surely, the weight has been coming off — and I can proudly say now that I’ve lost over 30 pounds.

The most important lesson for me hasn’t been learning how to lose weight — it’s been learning to love my body and what it can do. I don’t care that I’m not the thinnest girl in class when I’m deadlifting 100+ pounds, nor do I care that I’m not setting any records. and that someone else is deadlifting 200. It’s not about comparing myself to anyone else in the room or feeling inadequate when the scale doesn’t show a certain number. It’s about becoming strong and learning how to move again — like babies and young children before the world teaches them otherwise. There’s nothing like seeing the results of your commitment to your own body.

Behind the name

The “Corporate” part is easy to understand — I work in marketing in the financial services industry. My sister was super upset about this aspect of the name, saying that I put myself in a box. But I think that the “Cavewoman” part actually negates some of those connotations of corporate that make it sound so stodgy. Cavemen and -women weren’t tied down to desk jobs. They ran around and constantly did different things, like hunt and gather. While “cavewoman” is an allusion to the paleo lifestyle that I try to adhere to, it also refers to how I intend to move and think.

As a species, one of the biggest mistakes that we have made is to try to outsmart nature. Some of the most extreme examples of this pattern include climate change and the ongoing obesity crisis. If we can all behave a little more like cavewomen, then maybe we can undo at least some of the damage that our comrades have inflicted on our body and on this planet.


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