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Equinox Soho — Spotlight!


One of Equinox’s best offerings is the All Access membership, which allows members to go to any location (except for Equinox Sports Clubs and other premium locations) for $240/month in New York City. While this might not sound like a bargain to gym-goers, it is if you’re a boutique fitness junkie. Even monthly arrangements at studios like Fhitting Room or Tone House can cost upwards of $400 per month, and they often only offer one type of workout. For fitness generalists like me, who like to do a combination of yoga, barre, and circuit training but with consistency, Equinox is a great deal. Through All Access, I’ve had the opportunity to visit locations all over Manhattan. And I have to say – Equinox Soho is one of the best ones.

A Week of Functional Training at Equinox


Voted by many blogs as one of the top fitness trends of 2016 and 2017, functional training has been increasing in popularity for a number of years. But what is it, actually? The basic idea is to build overall strength that makes everyday movements easier. These exercises help you learn how to move your body in the day to day in order to minimize pain and injury over time.

As an Equinox member, I have access to many different types of functional training classes, as well as its “cousins” bodyweight training and HIIT. After a few months with my all-access membership in New York City, I was able to develop an effective routine that’s both fun and has helped me get into shape. Since joining Equinox, I’ve lost about 13 pounds and went from 31% to 27% body fat — and I’m still making progress!

Left was taken in July 2015, the right was taken yesterday at my aerial yoga bachelorette party! There’s about a 35 lb. difference between these two pictures, as well as a 10% reduction in body fat.

The diversity of classes that Equinox offers allows for a truly balanced routine. I wanted to lay out what I do in a week and highlight some of my favorite classes. This schedule has worked well for me, allowing an adequate amount of rest time and never getting boring!

EvolveFitnessNYC Spotlight – Progress, Not Perfection

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One of the biggest myths that the weight loss industry propagates is that fitness has a start and an end. It’s similar to the fairy tale fallacy as it applies to romance. In that case, the implication is that a damsel in distress starts out single, finds love, and then lives happily ever after. With weight loss, the typical narrative is that an individual begins as overweight or out of shape, does whatever s/he needs to do to reach his/her “goal”….and then what?

With both fitness and love, there is no “happily ever after.” You don’t suddenly reach a goal and then stop working and maintain forever with no effort. Being in shape and healthy is a lifelong process – there is no end date.

The perspective of fitness as a constant, ongoing process is why Evolve is such an appropriate name for a studio. Unlike any other fitness studio I’d ever tried in New York, EvolveFitnessNYC specializes in working with true beginners with little to no fitness experience and helping them “evolve” into fit and healthy individuals who enjoy and can sustain their journey to health.

deconstructed steak sandwich

Steak Sandwich (Paleo / Keto) (30 Min Meal)


When I stopped keeping kosher and before I started adhering to a paleo-style diet, there were a brief few months when I ate many sandwiches. I’ve always loved bread, and the combination of bread and meat and spreads satisfied all of my cravings.

Surprisingly, bread wasn’t that hard for me to give up, from a cravings perspective. However, sometimes there’s nothing like a sandwich for a quick meal. In grad school, I practically lived on variations of grilled cheese when I had little money or time. As an adult, I’ve missed the convenience of those meals.

Keto Essentials to Buy at Costco


One of the first things that my husband and I did when we moved into our apartment was get a Costco membership. About once every six weeks or so, we take a trip and buy all of our meat for the next month or so, as well as some produce and other essentials. Even not factoring in cost, Costco has the best fish by far of any supermarket in the city, making that worth the trip alone.

Once we decided to adhere to more of a keto-style diet, I started looking more closely at what we were buying there. To my pleasant surprise, Costco has a ton of Keto essentials at the right price!