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Megan Roup’s The Sculpt Society just launched at Equinox this August, but it’s actually been around for a few months. The first class to be produced wide-scale out of Project by Equinox, it provides a mix of dance cardio and Jane Fonda-esque sculpting (including the ankle weights!) for a full body burn. Seriously, though — I felt this one everywhere.

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We began The Sculpt Society with a dance cardio-inspired wwarmup, complete with jumping jacks and grapevines. After this, the class had no built-in breaks, and the sculpting began. Using 2-3 lb. weights, we made it through an arm-focused segment.

The real fun came in the next two sections. Using sliders, we performed variations of planks to work out our cores and legs. It was at this portion of the class that many of us started to feel the challenge, and I noticed many students (including myself!) taking breaks.

After this, we started with the ankle weights, performing isometric and sculpting movements such as donkey kicks. This segment felt like it would never end. However, if you have some experience with Barre, you will probably have an easier time. We then ended the class with a short cardio burst, similar to the one we started with. No final stretch was incorporated into the class format.

sculpt society equipment

The full range of equipment we used — light weights, sliders, an ankle weight, and a mat


My Sculpt Society class was completely sold out, with approximately 30 students (mostly women) in the room. The large number of students occasionally got in the way, particularly during the cardio section. I struggled not to crash into my neighbors.


As mentioned above, if you’re not accustomed to sculpting or Barre classes, this one will feel really tough. Working out those micromuscles is no joke.


The Sculpt Society is an innovative and fun new format. If you’re looking for a sculpting class mixed in with some cardio, you’ll enjoy this class.


  • If you’re struggling with the leg segment, drop the ankle weights. It’ll help, I promise.


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