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Equinox’s signature classes tend to have a few features in common. They always offer a solid workout that offers a similar but distinct difference to boutique studios. For example, The Muse is kind of a play on a dance class, but with weights and routines that even klutzes like me can follow. And the sessions tend to include some type of mobility training in addition to strength and cardio. True Athlete is no exception. Released in May 2018, the class uses RMT® clubs (essentially giant maracas) and bosu balls to challenge students’ stability and flexibility while breaking out a sweat.

True Athlete GRADES


Equinox is no stranger to playing with different types of Equipment. In The Muse, students use three pound mini-globes to tone their arms. In Fully Loaded, using Viprs is intended to increase mobility and ensure proper form. In True Athlete, the RMT® clubs serve both of those functions.

RMT club

The RMT club — am I right about the giant maraca comparison?

As you can see, the RMT® club has a handle, while the bulk of the weight (four or six pounds) lies in the base. During the class, we alternated between our left and right sides, swinging the club in multiple directions. The intention was to move with control and increase shoulder mobility. Although it’s impossible to tell after a single class whether the swinging actually increased my range of motion in any way, I can tell you that the movement will definitely make you sore after a while.

When we weren’t using the RMT® club, we split into two sections for bosu ball exercises. These involved various types of squats and jumps on the balls in a follow the leader fashion. This part of the class was a little more cardio-intensive and really worked the lower body and core.

Each section of the class was approximately two minutes long, with few substantial breaks. I’m not sure that I loved this breakdown. It felt kind of difficult to truly get into anything. But at the same time, a number of the exercises with the RMT® club would’ve felt painful to perform for longer.


Because everyone in the class is required to have an RMT® club, the class size is limited to 16 students. I do wish that there had been more bosu balls available so that we could’ve worked with them individually. I found that I didn’t get as much of a stability workout as I would’ve liked, since we needed to alternate between four bosu balls in teams of eight.


As with most classes, True Athlete is scalable based on an individual’s capabilities. There is very little jumping, and any high-impact moves can be modified.


True Athlete offers a strong calorie-burning and toning workout. Like many of Equinox’s signature classes, it focuses on mobility and would be difficult to find anywhere else.


  • The RMT® clubs can feel quite heavy after a while. I would start with the four pound one (as opposed to six pounds) for your first class.



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