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If you read my review of Equinox’s True Barre, you’ll know that I’ve finally come around to Barre. Despite how painful the workout can be, it’s difficult to argue with the challenge it poses. Pop Physique, with its beautiful aesthetic and “J’adore barre” t-shirts, became my next stop. Their newly opened Chateau on the Upper East Side conveniently offered a free class this past week to those who signed up, and of course I jumped right on it! What I got was a full hour of a tough, full-body workout that left me exhausted (in a good way) hours later.

Very 80’s pop

Pop Physique GRADES


Like other barre classes I’ve taken, the class began with a brief warm-up and plank work on the mat. This series alone left me exhausted. After the core section, we moved on to arms, starting with a lighter set of weights for triceps and moving on to a heavier set for biceps. After this, we moved to the barre for lower body work and spent the bulk of the class there. We ended the class with another round of core work and stretching on the barre. Each section of the class thoroughly exhausted the muscles we were intended to be working out, and the music was fierce. The adorable decor and bubblegum color theme make the class a lot of fun, even through its most difficult movements. I also appreciated the attentiveness of the instructor, who corrected my form several times.

Pop Physique equipment

Never have weights ever looked this cute

SIZE OF CLASS: medium/large

The class I attended on a Sunday afternoon was completely full. The Chateau is pretty small, so that amounted to about 25-30 students.


Like every barre workout I’ve attended, this one was challenging. However, it’s also very approachable. There are no moves that beginners wouldn’t be able to perform, although they may not have the endurance to finish a complete set.


The studio is well-equipped and well-maintained. It’s a tad small, but I think it was intended to be a pop-up. My only complaint is the changing area, which is rather small. Even though showering isn’t a huge problem after a barre class, it wouldn’t be ideal to get ready for work here.

The bottom line

Pop Physique offers a challenging barre workout in a fun setting, with cute decor and lively music. I’d recommend it to any barre newbie or expert who’s looking for a new class to try.


  • Bring your own barre socks! I got a set of three on Amazon for like $10, and they can cost more than that PER PAIR in the studio.
  • You won’t get too sweaty, so don’t worry about showers.

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