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It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, I barely had any exposure to barre. In the past few weeks, I’ve tried True Barre at Equinox and Pop Physique — and my body definitely feels it. FlexBarre offers a more cardio-intensive variation of your traditional Barre class in a down-to-earth studio designed to make students feel comfortable.

FlexBarre GRADES


Most Barre classes will not make you break a sweat. While they’re challenging and can make every muscle in your body tremble, your heart rate will not actually become that elevated. FlexBarre changes that.  As in other barre classes, we started the class with a plank series and arm strengthening. Then we moved back and forth between the barre and the center of the room, alternating between lower body conditioning and cardio. Like The Muse, we even had a barre burpee, which was a little bit like a frogger. The class was on the more advanced side and quite challenging. The instructor constantly checked on our alignments and offered almost all of us helpful corrections. I was definitely sore the next day, and I believe that someone doing this workout consistently would get into great shape.


There were only five students in the class, allowing for individualized attention. I was surprised by how small the group was, since I went at 7:30am. I think that the number of small classes I’ve been taking (see my review for Brave Body Project) demonstrate how oversaturated this market is becoming. For now, I’ll take advantage of all the tiny personalized classes I can get!


The cardio aspect of the class is truly what makes it challenging. In addition to the toning elements offered by your standard barre class, this one really takes it to the next level. While not unfriendly to beginners, FlexBarre could definitely be intimidating.


The studio I went to was well-located, only a five minute walk from Union Square. The reception area is spacious and has a couch, which was good for me, since I arrived a half hour early. They have lockers with locks on them and a large, fully-stocked changing room, although no showers.Overall, I found the studio to be clean and well-equipped, with a friendly front desk staff.

The Bottom line

FlexBarre was a really unique and challenging interpretation of your traditional barre class. Although the studio doesn’t have showers, the changing area is pretty adequate, especially considering that you’re unlikely to be dripping in sweat after the class. The personal individualized attention was also very much appreciated. I’d go back!


  • Bring your own barre socks! You can get them for pretty cheap on Amazon — I got a set of three for around $10.

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