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Studio fitness in New York is expensive. This is something we all know. Boutique classes can run up to $40 each, which is more than certain gyms charge per month. ClassPass was supposed to solve this problem by offering a monthly pass to a certain number of studios (formerly unlimited), but its pricing has becoming increasingly confusing and its offering less compelling. Fit House aims to tackle this issue. For $99/month, subscribers will have access to the full roster of studios in Manhattan. While currently they only have one location in Soho, they’re planning to open five more all over the city in the near future. And the instructors have taught in some of New York’s best studios, including SLT and The Fhitting Room. They’re currently offering two weeks free for new students, so I bought myself a trial and checked out their Stamina class.



The structure of Stamina was similar to your average boot camp class. After warming up, we started with a strength section, which was followed by a tabata-style cardio section. The instructor stuck with variations of basics, like burpees and bent-over rows. Our first tabata actually consisted of exclusively burpees, which definitely set the tone for the rest. We finished out with a core section and some stretching. The workout itself was pretty solid. It definitely got my heart rate up, and we didn’t stop moving for the duration of the class (hence the name “Stamina.”)

My only complaint would be that the instructor wasn’t super clear about the structure from the beginning of class. Personally, I like to know what I expect as a I move through a class. This includes how long each activity will be and what the breakdown between cardio and strength looks like. The class as a whole actually flowed quite well and made a lot of sense, but the work dragged to meĀ  since I never knew when the set would end.


There were probably around ten students in the class. What surprised me is that people came from all over — to a 7am class in Soho. While I was still waking up from my commute from the Upper East Side, there were students in the class who’d come all the way from Queens.


As with most boot camp classes, this one could be scaled by lowering the amount of weight you used or removing some of the impact from the jumping movements. What made this one more challenging was the total lack of rest between movements. Even during the tabata rounds, we spent the ten seconds of “rest” in active recovery, whether it was jogging or holding a plank.


One thing to understand about Fit House is that its affordability comes at a certain cost for students. The studio is clean and well-equipped, but it doesn’t have showers and amenities like the luxury studios some of us are used to. If you live in the area, that’s great. Otherwise, I was definitely grateful for my Equinox membership, since Stamina got me pretty sweaty.

FitHouse: The Bottom Line

Fit House offers a compelling value proposition for those who are frustrated by ClassPass’s lack of consistency. If you’re in the market for a new studio and are limited by a budget, I’d urge you to check this one out. Stamina itself was a solid workout and a good introduction to what Fit House has to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing their new locations!

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