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Solace NYC is mostly known for its intense Body classes. If you follow any fitness trainers on Instagram, they will probably have at least one photo featuring Solace’s signature oak walls and ring rows. They will probably be hanging from some crazy contraption or doing a backflip over another person or some other feat of physicality that I will never be able to do. However, in addition to these death-defying workouts, Solace has also started offering a biweekly class called the Brave Body Project. They are in-person versions of popular workout videos that can be done with little or no equipment. Although I have never done the videos, I can tell you that if they’re anything like the in-person version, you’ll definitely feel the burn.

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QUALITY OF workout: 9

Brave Body Project covers the whole body from head to two. The class is carefully choreographed and set to music. The emphasis on the beat means that it moves quickly and flows well. After a short warm-up, we began with the plank series. At no point during these exercises were we just holding a plank. We moved throughout several planks, including side planks with arm raises and forearm planks with pikes. This series also leveraged one of my favorite (and least favorite) pieces of equipment: sliders. Our lower body series took place at the barre. We performed a set of lunge variations on both sides and in all directions, including some balance challenges with lateral leg raises.

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For some reason, I always love to do this exact pose whenever I see a barre.

After the lower body series, we took a break with some cardio. This section was challenging and fast-paced. We performed a series of variations on jumping jacks, squats, windmills, and mountain climbers, with light weights. Even though I do a lot of HIIT, I got pretty out of breath during this section.

The arm series was one of the most killer. We did mostly isometric movements with light weights, similar to Barre. These types of movements tend to be deceptively challenging and really make you feel the burn. The last part of the class was the longest and focused on glutes. I didn’t even know that this part of my body had so many muscles, and none of them seems to be in very good shape. We spent the duration of two full songs toning our glutes in several directions before we cooled down.


March in New York is always kind of a sad month. While there’s often a week of warmth that gives you hope for the spring that’s soon to come, it’s usually cold and damp and full of rain and other wet weather phenomena. So I’ve definitely noticed that this sad weather, along with the increasing distance from the new year, has resulted in emptier gyms. For my Brave Body Project experience, this meant that I essentially had a private class, with two instructors and only one other student. I can’t speak to whether the class is this small all the time, but I personally loved the intimate experience


I found this class to be approachable for both beginners and those who are more seasoned with working out. The class is very easy to scale depending on level. While you’ll definitely feel the burn, there were no movements that seemed to genuinely be too difficult for anyone starting out.


This studio is absolutely beautiful. There are three separate rooms, and classes run concurrently at peak hours. The locker rooms have every product imaginable (including hair irons!) and a decent number of showers (six, meaning that you may wait in line but not for long).


Brave Body Project is a really fun and engaging class appropriate for all fitness levels. You’ll sweat and tone, and the time will pass quickly. If you’re interested in Amber and Lindsey’s online workouts, check them out here.


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