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New York has been blessed (or plagued, depending on how you look at it) by a lot of trendy fitness studios in the past few years. Take Switch Playground, for example, a 21 station circuit training HIIT class. Or Tone House, notoriously one of the hardest workouts in New York City, where students split into teams and do relay races that will make your abs hurt for days. With new studios opening up all the time, it can be difficult to differentiate the ones that are truly innovative, like Switch and Tone House, from the ones that are just glorified circuit training or boot camp workouts. Enter Spiderbands — one of the most novel ideas I’ve come across in all of my time in New York.

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QUALITY OF spiderbands jump strike WORKOUT: 9

I actually heard about Spiderbands through one of my blog readers, who also likes to explore fitness classes around the city. She asked them in advance which classes were their most challenging, and Jump Strike made the list. It’s a combination of kickboxing, stability training on the trampoline, and strength training with the resistance bands.

So what distinguishes Spiderbands from a normal TRX? In addition to their increased tension, they also have two handle levels — a high one (not built for the vertically challenged like me) and a lower one. We used both extensively throughout the class.

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After a brief warm-up on the trampoline, the class proceeded with several kickboxing routines, involving kicking and punching. The instructor focused a lot on technique, and he gave me some really useful pointers that will help me with my boxing form beyond the work I did in the studio.

The kickboxing, trampoline, and resistance bands may sound like a weird combination at first, but they actually complement each other very well. The resistance bands provide stability during some of the single leg kicks, and the trampoline allows for some leverage when it comes to certain balancing moves. For example, we did tuck jumps, using the trampoline for height and the resistance bands for stability. Jumping around like that also added an extra element of fun. After the boxing choreography, we sealed in the workout with a short abs routine and a stretch.


Even though the room has capacity for something like 20 students, there were only four in the class today, which was surprising for 7am on a weekday. Personally, I loved it — I got lots of individualized attention from the instructor. It’s also not the type of class that relies on a full room to build energy.


Even for those experienced with boutique fitness, this class was HARD. The equipment really challenges your stability and core. There’s also no real stillness or dead time — the rest between sections is bouncing on the trampoline. By the end of class, I was covered in sweat.


The entire studio still has that new equipment smell. The space is eminently instagrammable, and the branding is on point. But more importantly, there are also fully stocked showers with more than enough space to accommodate morning rush hour.


Spiderbands provides a unique and innovative workout to even the most jaded of New York City boutique fitness junkies. You will feel the burn from head to toe, but the equipment and close instruction is really what makes this studio special. The facility is also extremely well-maintained, and you’ll never need to worry about not getting a shower here.


  • Practice your favorite kickboxing moves!
  • Bring water — the studio gets really hot.
  • Registration opens on Monday at 1 pm for the week ahead, so plan in advance…but not too far in advance.

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