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It’s 7:30 am, the sun only just beginning to come out on a winter Friday. The room is lit up in pink, with the DJ pumping beats in the corner, the wall next to her covered in pictures of sensual lips. This doesn’t describe my latest night out (lol this geriatric hasn’t done those in years), but the class I took at 305 Fitness in Midtown East. Not exactly known for my dancing skills (and actually somewhat known for the opposite), I was a little nervous to take this class. Although I’d heard that it was a lot of fun, I was self-conscious about my lack of ability to sway my hips in any direction whatsoever. So I picked a spot in the back corner, thinking that it would be a safe spot. Little did I know…

305 Fitness Studio

Inspirational Friday morning slogans

After this 55 minute class, I can confirm that I still have no idea how to drop a beat. But, covered in sweat and feeling a sense of accomplishment, I can tell you that this is probably one of the most fun classes offered in New York City (as well as Washington, D.C. and Boston) right now.


QUALITY OF 305 fitness workout: 8

As I mentioned before, I am a terrible, terrible dancer. However, what I’ve learned from trying a bunch of Zumba classes back in the day is that as long as I’m moving, I’ll at least get a workout, even if it’s not the most graceful. The format of the class also ensures that even us non-dancers get some toning and cardio in.


The class doesn’t begin with a warm-up but goes straight into a 30-minute choreographed dance session. This was when I thought my spot in the back corner would be safe. But as it turns out, Jenn the instructor would not allow me to get away with trying to hide. Beyond her constant encouragement, she also had us turning around and changing the front of the room. This meant that no one was safe from being in the spotlight. While this made me terribly self-conscious at first, I soon realized that no one is looking at anyone but themselves and Jenn (who killed it!). So while I still sucked, I definitely worked up a sweat and worried less about moving my right arm and left leg at the same time.

Me having no idea what I was getting myself into.

After the choreography, which goes by quickly, we did five minutes of toning. The day I went was ass day (their words, not mine), so we took out resistance bands and a mat. After five minutes of various types of glute bridges and leg extensions, we did another five minutes of cardio drills, such as burpees and high knees. And then, to close out the class, we did 15 minutes of a choreographed hip-hop dance routine.

I thought that this class was well-balanced between dance cardio and a workout, allowing even less experienced dancers to still bust some moves. During the first dance section, for example, one-armed scissor jumping jacks were incorporated into the routine. The toning session also served as a welcome break to get our heart rates down. Overall, while I generally tend to prefer more strength, I think that this workout is strong in what it sets out to do.

SIZE OF CLASs: small/medium

Maybe it’s because I went the Friday before Christmas break, but this class probably only had around 12 students. I was personally a fan of that…fewer people to see me make a fool out of myself while I tried to sway my hips.

DIFFICULTY: easy/medium

I’m going to qualify this characterization of difficulty from the outset — anyone attending this class should break a sweat. However, I’m calling it easy because the barrier to entry is low. Jenn demonstrates all of the moves, and no prior knowledge of anything is assumed. Students are here to have fun, and it’s definitely a less intense crowd than you’ll see at some other gyms.


The girl power vibe emanates from every corner of this studio. The lighting in every room is pink, and there are pictures of unicorns, lips, and motivational sayings everywhere. Probably my favorite part was the silver-clad selfie corner — although I didn’t get my selfie this time.

The showers are a decent size, although I wouldn’t be opposed to having curtains that reach the floor. The bathrooms had everything you could need, although you had to go upstairs to pick up a full-length towel.

the bottom line

305 Fitness provides a fun workout for dancers and non-dancers alike. Because of the studio’s infectious energy, you will definitely work up a sweat and have a great time. Unlike Zumba, 305 Fitness provides a balance between the dance aspects of the workout and the toning/drills, allowing there to be something for everyone.


  • Let go of your worries and come here to have fun. No one is judging you.

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