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In the last year or so, boxing has started to take over the New York City workout scene, with studios like Rumble, Work Train Fight, and Everybody Fights expanding all over Manhattan. While I’ve been wanting to try a class, I’ve been a little bit apprehensive. Although I love working out, I’m not exactly known for my coordination, and I was concerned as to how I’d manage complex punching choreography.

Thankfully, Everybody Fights offers comprehensive circuit training (which does include boxing!) in addition to its fight classes, providing a good entry point for us non-boxers. The midtown location’s urban chic vibe and fully stocked locker rooms give us a reason to come back and learn how to box.


QUALITY OF THE everybody fights trainx360 WORKOUT: 8.5 (OUT OF 10)

I’ll warn you now: this class was very challenging. Led by Nicole Schultz, the lead brand trainer, we did something like ten different two-minute circuits of boxing and more conventional strength workouts.

the format

I thought that the pedagogy of Trainx360 was well-done. Nicole started us off by walking through each circuit, including the punch sequences. At first, I was concerned that there was no way in hell that I’d remember the sequences. Fortunately, after a short warm-up, we mimed every single circuit to ensure that we had proper form. I had never seen that in a circuit training class before, and I thought that it was extremely smart. Too often, especially in classes with so many stations, it’s easy to forget what the movements are or to perform them incorrectly for lack of time to learn them.

the stations

Each station was approximately two minutes of work, split into 30-second increments. The non-boxing stations were similar to those of many other circuit training classes that I’ve done:

  1. Pistol squats on the TRX
  2. One-legged battle ropes
  3. Rowing
  4. Pulls on the aerodyme bike
  5. Jumping jacks with a medicine ball

For boxing, we did various combinations on different types of bags and other surfaces. The combinations were relatively short, which made them easier for newbies like me to remember.

In combination with the boxing sequences, the strength  movements definitely provided a full body workout. There were about four students at each station, and Nicole effectively instructed us individually if she saw that we needed help.

the closing

We ended the class with a team workout. We lined up in two rows, got into plank position, and passed a kettlebell down the line. After we received the kettlebell, we did five squat jumps. We did this six times total.

The one thing I didn’t like about this class is that there was no stretch incorporated at the end. Although I felt that we used the time well, given the difficulty and intensity of the workout, I think that a cool-down would’ve been beneficial

SIZE OF CLASS: medium/large

There were about 30 students in the class this morning, and there was a 10-person class going on simultaneously in one of the boxing rings. However, since the station sizes were small and Nicole moved around a lot, I didn’t feel like the class was overly large.


This workout was a real challenge. Every single muscle was exercised, especially my core and lower body. However, I think that beginners could work out here as well. If the other instructors are like Nicole, there is enough individualized attention that everyone should be able to do the basic movements or some kind of modified version.

STUDIO QUALITY (midtown): 8.5

Walking into this studio feels like walking into a boxing ring. You immediately see communal globes and wraps and two boxing rings in the middle of a giant room, surrounded by kettlebells, ropes, TRXes, and other fitness equipment. There are a lot of beautiful people who like to punch things.

The studio is clean and well-equipped, and I appreciate the fully stocked bathrooms. My small complaint would be that the showers are built for giants — I couldn’t reach the towel rack! But I didn’t wait for very long to get one, and the women’s changing area wasn’t overly crowded.


  • This studio offers a 2-1 deal of $34 for two classes. If you’re a ClassPass or FitReserve member, you’re also in luck. If you’re not but want to get lucky, they list some of their classes on Dibs.


If you’re looking for a gateway to try boxing, Trainx360 at Everybody Fights provides a good start. The class isn’t overly focused on fighting but still provides a great workout.

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