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I have to hand it to Fhitting Room…they have some of the best client service that I’ve seen from a fitness studio. In my last review of the studio’s 67th street location, I wrote that I enjoyed the class but was underwhelmed. Two of my complaints were the lack of showers and the size of the class, which is not the “personalized” experience that the studio sells on its website. Shortly afterwards, a member of their business development team got in touch with me and offered me a free “Pit” class, which is capped at ten students, at their Flatiron location, which does (thankfully!) have wonderful bathing facilities. While I still maintain that $38 per class is expensive, the Pit class convinced me that it may sometimes be worth paying the price. And if you’re a ClassPass member? Run — don’t walk.



When I tried the Signature FHIX class at the East 67th Street studio, I didn’t quite “get” what The Fhitting Room was about. For starters, “FHI” stands for functional high intensity. There was a balance between cardio and strength training, and we used equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, the rowing machine, and the TRX, as well as our own body weight.

Fhitting room score board

The FHIX on October 18

Partner Work

After the warm-up, the class was split into three sections that were respectively six minutes, twenty minutes, and six minutes long. In the first one, we paired up and alternated between thrusters with heavyish dumbbells (I used 15 pounders) and hollow holds three times through.

The Circuit
  • 10 calorie row and 10 knee tucks on the rower. I suck at rowing and only managed three rounds.
  • 10 alternating pistol squats on the TRX and 10 push-ups. I managed about five rounds of these.
  • 10 dumbbell renegade rows (when you row from a plank position) and 10 dumbbell squat thrusts. I used 17.5 pound dumbbells, so this was quite challenging for me. I think I got exactly four rounds in.
  • 10 kettlebell sumo deadlifts and 10 sit-ups. Also did about five rounds of these. It was difficult not to lose my form during the deadlifts, but the small size of the class really helped. Faroukh, the instructor, was constantly walking around, encouraging us, and checking our form.

If we weren’t breathless after that, the FHIX definitely cemented it — six minutes of EMOMs (every minute on the minute) of 10 kettlebell goblet clean presses (I used 14 kg and could not feel my shoulders by the end) and five froggers.

A standout aspect of this class was Faroukh’s instruction. He really paid attention to each and every student and gave us individualized feedback. For example, he taught me how to row more efficiently. As a result, in Ropes & Rowers today, I made it to an over 900m row in four minutes, a barrier I’d been struggling to break.

I think that I also understood the structure of the workout a lot better in this class than I had in the last one. The structure made more sense to me, and the movements seemed to complement each other more coherently. During the circuit, each move worked a different muscle group, and I definitely feel the burn.

SIZE OF class: small

The small class size is probably the best part of this class. Each session is capped at ten students, and mine only had nine. The room was pretty small, so we got truly individualized attention.


I found this class to be really challenging. However, I observed a range of fitness levels in the room. Because there was such a substantial weight component, students can alter the level of the class to their liking. But I do think this would be a difficult class for someone who is not experienced with HIIT.

STUDIO QUALITY (flatiron): 8

I have few complaints about the Flatiron location. Unlike its Upper East Side counterpart, it boasts several spacious showers. I don’t love the locker room layout — you need to change in a bathroom — but the facility is clean and well-maintained and equipped.

The individual shower stalls were big enough for me to take a selfie

The individual shower stalls were big enough for me to take a selfie


  • If you’re planning to go at a peak time, I’d recommend changing prior to arriving at the studio.
  • Don’t come to this class if you’re not interested in receiving feedback or tips from the instructor.
  • Register early. These classes fill up quickly!

The bottom line

Fhitting Room’s Pit class is really worth the money. You get a great full-body workout in a small class setting that allows for individualized attention. If you’re a ClassPass member, you should absolutely JUMP on the chance to come work out here.

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