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Y7 is a hip-hop yoga studio with numerous locations in California and New York. I’d been hearing about it for a while, and the idea was incongruous to me. Why would you mix the thumping beat and lyrics of hip-hop with a practice that’s supposed to be soothing? But after sampling a hip-hop yoga class at Equinox during Pride Month, I knew that I’d have to add Y7 to my list.


My grading system is from 1-10, with 1 being either the worst and 10 being either the best. For difficulty level, my assessment is subjective. For class size, small is less than 10 students, medium is 10-25, and large is more than 25.


I’ll be totally frank — I’m still working out my system for grading yoga classes. How do you judge the quality of a flow? By how relaxed you feel after? By how sweaty you get? By the depths of your mind that you reached?

Y7 hit the spot in many ways. The format of the class is unusual – the instructor goes through the flow twice on each side, before the students get two minutes to perform the movements on their own. Prior reviews I’d read indicated that remembering the movements may be difficult. However, maybe because of the quality of the instructor, but I didn’t find this at all. The flows were largely very intuitive, and it didn’t feel to me like I needed to pay attention to specific choreography. That said, if you haven’t done much yoga, this format might not be great for you.

The studio was warm, probably around 95-100 degrees, so I definitely got sweaty. It was also helpful that the room was completely dark. If you’re anything like me, then you know the feeling of constantly gawking at the person next to you and wondering if you’ll ever be able to do a handstand. The lack of light made this nearly impossible, which helped me to focus on my own movement and breathing.

Given the sweatiness, I think that it would have been challenging to work on inversions. However, I would’ve enjoyed that very much. Despite that, the format of the class really worked for me, and I would definitely come back.


The class size at Y7 is kept pretty small. I would say that there were probably 15 students in the class. The room felt a bit cramped, but I came at 7 am on the Upper East Side, which is likely a peak time.


I liked Juliette a lot. As mentioned above, her flows were intuitive, and I felt that her demonstrations were effective. She also explained a lot of yoga terminology, which I appreciated — not everyone in every yoga class is fluent in Sanskrit. As mentioned above, I would’ve appreciated more focus on inversions.


Because of the format of Y7’s classes, I wouldn’t recommend them to beginners. It would be too difficult to track the flows. However, we didn’t do any particular complex poses in this class, nor did we really focus on any inversions.


I paid $25 for this class, which seemed like the right price. The studio is in a walk-up building, so there are stairs. Mat rentals cost $2, but it wasn’t worth it for me to bring my mat and then have to lug it to the office. However, the mats were slippery after all the sweat — since all of the classes are hot yoga, this was a bit surprising to me.

The studio itself is clean and well-equipped. There are plenty of showers, and they all have any product you could possibly need. There are also hair dryers and other beauty implements as well, so you can do your entire beauty routine here.

  • If possible, bring a non-slippery mat or be prepared to rent a towel.
  • Get there early – the studio won’t accept you if you’re even a minute late. This is because the room is totally dark, and you won’t be able to see anything if you want in during a class.
  • This studio is available on ClassPass, so take advantage!

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