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Whipped today took place at 12:30pm at Equinox E. 53rd. This is not the usual time during which I take classes. However, people have different forms of therapy. For some people, eating is a way to deal with stress. That used to be the case for me — which is why I gained thirty pounds in two months at my last job. After a year and a half of frequent workouts, fitness has finally become that stress relief for me.


My grading system is from 1-10, with 1 being either the worst and 10 being either the best. For difficulty level, my assessment is subjective. For class size, small is less than 10 students, medium is 10-25, and large is more than 25.


Whipped is a quality, well-rounded workout. The format is similar to that of a lot of Equinox circuit classes. There are six different stations, with two moves per station. You spent two minutes at each station, alternating moves every thirty seconds. Then you do it all over again.

Whipped equipment

Just some of the toys we played with in class

Today’s workout had a substantial strength component. I’ve laid out the workout below:

  1. Pistol squats on the TRX and wall sit.
  2. The bottom of a Turkish getup and the other move was a deadlift with a kettlebell in one hand.
  3. Squats with a resistance band and a side plank with hip dips.
  4. Rows with a bar, with one foot in the air, followed by punches with the bar.
  5. Squat jumps forward with a 180 squat, followed by a move that Gerren called “Ready Set Go.” This consisted of us putting resistance bands around our feet and moving one foot back. This was deceptively hard.
  6. Rope work — hence the reason that the class is called “Whipped.”

I definitely felt like every major muscle group was engaged in this class. Although I was hoping that I wouldn’t sweat much, as this class was during my lunch break, I was totally wrong in the best way.


I was actually really surprised by how many people showed up to this class during lunch. There were around 25-30 students. However, what I really appreciate about the format of Whipped is that it maximizes the number of people you can comfortably fit in a room, since each station has those two movements and there are so many stations.

QUALITY OF INSTRUCTOR (gerren liles): 9.5

One of the things I appreciated about this class was that the routine felt like it was designed intelligently. The two moves made sense together and optimized the available equipment in the room. Gerren was also a good combination of motivational for the whole class while still focused on individual performance. He frequently came to stations to redemonstrate specific movements or help students with their form. However, it didn’t feel like he singled anyone out or only stayed at one specific station, which is definitely a risk with a circuit workout.


This class is as hard as you make it. There are a number of weights and options generally available, and students can push it as hard as they’d like. In this particular class, we were all dripping with sweat by the end — probably a testament to the fact that we were all crazy enough to go to Equinox during lunch.


I’ve reviewed Equinox E. 53rd before — it’s a good studio. Check it out here. I also enjoyed taking it at Equinox SoHo.

  • Sometimes Whipped is partner-based, sometimes it’s not. Regardless, it’s good to find a buddy at the beginning of class with whom you’ll switch off.
  • This is not a great class if you have a whole primping routine that you enjoy doing after a workout. I took possibly the quickest shower after this workout and went to the office looking like a wet dog.

    Wet dog after Whipped

    Maybe I could blame it on the rain?

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