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This is my review of Hot Power Yoga at Equinox E. 92nd St.


My grading system is from 1-10, with 1 being either the worst and 10 being either the best. For difficulty level, my assessment is subjective. For class size, small is less than 10 students, medium is 10-25, and large is more than 25.

quality of workout: 8

Saturday is usually yoga day for me. After five days of working out with only one rest day, my schedule needs it. I also find that my weekday workouts are much better when I regularly incorporate yoga. My mobility and flexibility are particularly affected.

Equinox’s Hot Power Yoga class takes place in a room heated to about 95 degrees — it’s hot, but it’s not Bikram. However, the class is called power for a reason. It’s a one-hour long Vinyasa class with a continuous flow. Any breaks you take, even water breaks, are on your own time.

Before Hot Power Yoga class, feeling the heat

Pre-class, feeling the heat

Today’s class was a full body experience with a fair amount of balance and core work. I came out of savasana feeling exactly how I want to feel after a yoga class — stretched out, clear-headed, and ready to take on the rest of the day.

size of class: medium – large

This class can get really crowded, filling the room with mats and sweaty students. Since it doesn’t require pre-booking yet, the room can definitely get overly full. However, today was not one of those days. The studio had 20 students at most, making it a pretty comfortable class.

quality of instructor (ellie walker): 9

I really like Ellie. She maintains a good balance between instructing us on the meaning behind the practice without coming across as overly, as my sister would say, “Shanti Shanti.” Her classes have no oms and no chanting, which is a style I prefer.

difficulty level: medium

The primary factors that make this class difficult are the heat and the continuous flow. This isn’t a class for beginner yogis, as there isn’t much demonstration and the moves go by quickly. However, there are also no crazy inversions — which is good for people like me, who definitely can’t stand on their heads.

studio quality: 10

Equinox East 92nd St. is one of the best locations in Manhattan. The studio is always clean and rarely gets packed like some of the Midtown ones. The class schedule consistently has a good selection, offering a wide range of classes with some of the best instructors in the city.

  • Drink plenty of water before class to avoid a dehydration headache
  • Come early to get a good spot

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