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Throwback Fitness has one of the cooler stories of studios I’ve been to (apart from ConBody, which is a whole other story). The founders are former investment bankers turned fitness professionals, and they’ve created a workout that really puts fun at the center. They also manage to maintain some of the best pricing in the city at only $16-18 per individual class, making them a must-try.


quality of throwback fitness workout: 8

The class is structured into three main segments, in addition to a warm-up and a cool-down. Even the warm-up itself is a game — I played rock, paper, scissors with a teammate to compete for who would do different exercises. Following the warm-up came the Phys. Ed. section. This was a typical circuit-type workout — Two rounds of three stations for two minutes per round. The stations consisted of 30 reps of two different activities, to be done as many times as possible. The exercises were things like kettlebell swings, box jumps, weighted squats, and TRX rows – quality basics that worked out the whole body.

Phys. Ed. was the longest part of class. Then we had three minutes of Core 101, which consisted of 30-20-10 reps of three different ab exercises, including jackknives and spiderman jumps. After that, we had 7 minutes of Recess, which was a team-on-team game in which we performed three exercises and then tried to run a chip over to the other team’s goal. If we dropped the chip or were stopped on the way, we did 4 burpees.

None of the exercises that we performed were insanely out of the ordinary. However, I felt like we worked out our whole bodies and balanced effectively between cardio and strength.

Size of class: small

The class had about 12 students, which was a good size – large enough to actually play the games, but small enough to receive individualized attention.

quality of instructor (Brian gallagher): 9

Brian was amazing and was a huge aspect of what made this class so much fun. He had great energy but was incredibly considerate. He really watched form and paid attention to individuals. I especially appreciate that, knowing that I was new, he gave me special attention and made sure that I was engaged. This was a huge change from yesterday’s Cardio Kick class, where the instructor ignored everyone except for two girls in the class.

Difficulty level: medium

This class isn’t easy, but every move can be reasonably modified. While I definitely broke a sweat, there were enough breaks that I was never breathless.

Studio quality: 6.5

Fit Factory, if you’re not familiar with it, is a rental space for fitness studios and personal trainers. They have a lot of equipment and are well-maintained. My biggest concern was really with the showers. I ultimately went to Equinox, where I don’t have to rent a towel. There was no real locker room, but there were cubbies in the room to put your stuff. [note: Fit Factory has moved since I wrote this review.]

  • Bring a towel or go to a class at a time when you won’t need to shower.
  • This class is social – not a good class if you just like to zone out during your workout.
  • This studio’s on ClassPass, so definitely check it out if you’re looking to try something new!

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