Paleo Soup – Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Paleo soup – one of the perfect healthy foods post-wisdom tooth extraction, after a few too many pints of ice cream. My mouth won’t really open more than an inch right now, hence the baby spoon in the below picture. To be totally frank, I spent the first 24 hours after my extraction eating non-paleo foods such as Halo Top (gasp!) and Skyr yogurt (which is incredible, by the way). But I wanted to go back to eating cleaner now that I’ve adjusted to some of my restrictions.

The paleo soup

This ginger carrot soup recipe comes from PaleoLeap, one of my favorite paleo food blogs. A perfect mix of sweet, savory, and creamy, this soup is a delicious fall recipe as well as a good one post-wisdom tooth extraction. The one change I made is that I added a little nutmeg to bring out some additional flavors in the carrot-apple-zucchini combination.

The yogurt topping

I’m prescribed both an antibiotic three times a day, as well as an antibiotic mouthwash, so I’m trying to get in the necessary probiotics. I topped this soup with Kite Hill’s almond yogurt, which is soy-free and dairy-free. It’s passable, although I don’t think that I’d eat it plain.

Cauliflower bread rolls

This recipe came from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. Even once fully baked, these rolls are soft and pillowy and would taste delicious even on a regular day. When I’m back to eating normal food, I’ll make bigger versions of these to use as burger buns.

What i’m missing

One thing that I’m already missing is working out — I won’t be allowed to do that for at least another five days. I’ve made a list of classes to review and some new ones to try once I’m approved to exercise again. Until then, feel free to read about my last week in workouts.

I also published a solid smoothie recipe yesterday that should serve as a good foundation even if you haven’t been going through a wisdom tooth extraction.

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If you have any additional recipe suggestions for liquid/soft foods, please let me know!

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