A week of workouts – July 16-21

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This is what my week looked like — in workouts. By and large, I try to maintain some balance during the course of a week between yoga/mobility, HIIT, and circuit. If you have any questions beyond what’s written in my review, feel free to reach out to me. 

sunday – fully loaded (Equinox E. 92nd)

Review to come in future weeks — but this class is a great mix of mobility and strength training taught by the fabulous Carolann Valentino.

monday – firestarter (equinox e. 92nd)

A dynamic 30-minute HIIT class that’ll leave you pumped for the week — check out my review here. 

tuesday – the playground experience (equinox e. 92nd)

Since I’m fortunate enough to live near one of the only two Equinox locations in the city, I try to take advantage of this class every Tuesday. This team-based class is intense, but a lot of fun. Check out my review here.

wednesday – rest day

We all need one, right?

thursday – the cut (equinox E. 92nd)

A cross between dance cardio and kickboxing, The Cut is a great way to get your sweat on and bust a move.  Check out my review here.

friday – switch playground (e. 12th)

This workout brought over from South Africa is not for the faint of heart — expect to sweat! I should also note that they have a great intro offer — two classes for one, and you get a free class for your birthday :). Check out my review here.

saturday – rest day

Unfortunately, while I typically would go to a yoga class on Saturday, I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed. Even more unfortunately, that means that I won’t be posting any fitness class reviews this week! However! What this does mean is that I’ll have plenty of time to post recipes, as well as a list of healthy ways to eat after wisdom tooth extraction. Stay tuned!

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