Engaged and losing weight…but not for my wedding


Less than two years ago, I couldn’t do a squat. Literally. In December 2015,  I tried out a boot camp class near my office in Midtown Manhattan. The instructor gave me a green resistance band and told me to do duck walks until I had built up enough strength in my quads to manage the move properly.

That individualized attention sold me, and I was a member of EvolveFitnessNYC until December 2016 and then subsequently an all-access member of Equinox. Adhering to a paleo diet in addition to working out, I’ve lost over thirty pounds.

I got engaged essentially smack in the middle of my weight loss journey, in September 2016, after losing over 20 pounds. Now, I’m asked all the time about my wedding weight goals, and it (probably unjustifiably) annoys me to no end. Why can I not try to be fit, healthy, and happy without needing to work towards a specific event? My wedding will be one (hopefully amazing) day, but I am planning to have plenty more days. To me, fitness isn’t about trying to achieve one day of skinniness — it’s about the possibility of a lifetime of activity and good health.

This isn’t a diet or weight loss blog — although I’m still hoping to lose more weight, and I’ll occasionally post recipes. What I’m planning to do here is provide the perspective of a woman in the city who loves fitness and tries every class possible throughout Manhattan. I also want to share recipes with the hope that I can inspire even just one person who thinks that they don’t have the time, money, or energy to eat healthy to start to believe that it’s possible.

Happy reading!


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